Precision 3D

What we do for you

Axis Precision 3D, is a leading 3D printing technology and virtual modeling studio based in Hong Kong. Our team of experienced professionals provide bespoke consultation ensuring the successful transition from an idea to a product. We provide more than service we take you to a whole new level of possibilities.


Talktalk Digibox Stills V10 301015
Talktalk Digibox Stills V8 301015
Poker Table Stills V02 301015
Rayban stills V01 301015
Poker Table Stills V01 301015
Macbook Pro Stills V1 301015
Lift  Vibrating Feeder Stills V01 291015
LBC Stills V05 291015
IKEA Stills V02 301015
IKEA Stills V01 301015
Demolition Stills V06 291015
Demolition Stills V02 291015
CCTV Demo Type2 Cam1 5mm
CCTV Demo 2nd Version Cam 22mm
CCTV Demo 2nd Version Cam3 Point 6mm